Brandon Bateman

Crowdfunding? Hire an expert to do it right. 


If you don't succeed, you don't pay a penny. Period.    

I'm passionate about helping you fund your project with my years of experience and hard work. The fact is, behind every successful crowdfunding campaign is a powerful marketing plan. What's yours? How are you going to make your campaign a success?

Hiring an agency can be a great way to go for powerful results on your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, but it does have a few drawbacks like expensive fees, frequent underperformance, failure to build YOUR brand assets, and loss of control for you, the creator. Alternatively, you could do your marketing in-house, but do you really want to put something so important in the hands of a team without extensive experience? Unless you have an in-house team that has thorough experience in crowdfunding, simple mistakes can become expensive failures. Alternatively, you could opt for the figure-out-marketing-after-I-launch approach, which inevitably winds up placing you in the $5,000 flop campaign bucket. 

For many, the best option is to hire a dedicated Crowdfunding marketer. To me, your marketing is more than just 1's and 0's in some automated campaign boosting strategy. I won't charge you fees before I deliver. I'll treat your campaign like my own. I'll do all my work on your accounts, so you can see exactly what I'm doing all the time and passively build your assets. Most of all, I work with you, not independently, to make your campaign a success. 

*Please recognize that the services I provide are for serious creators wanting to raise 6-7 figures in funding. If you don't have a decent marketing budget or a good product, I can't help you. 




2598 E 1100 S Springville, UT


+1 (407) 430-2576


Why should you choose me?

100% success rate

With a background in ecommerce advertising, I've been driving direct sales for quite some time. Since I have moved into crowdfunding, I have never had a failed campaign. If you can provide a good product, I can provide good marketing to make it a success. 

post-campaign collaboration

With a background in ecommerce and consistent ecommerce clients, my main goal is have a successful crowdfunding campaign with your product, then continue to work with you to scale your business. Wouldn't it be nice to move on from crowdfunding with someone you trust to do a good job with your marketing?

Full transparency

There's nothing shady here. All marketing is done on your own accounts in a completely transparent way, so that you can see everything and build YOUR assets. I won't over-promise, and I'll always be completely honest in my expectations for your project and personal goals. 

performance-based fees

You won't pay me a penny until you succeed. When you crowdfund, you are entering a world of risk. Shouldn't I be willing to, too? Because of my fee structure, I am very selective of which projects I work on. Enter your contact information below, and I will review your product to see if it is a campaign I am interested in working on. 

Pre-campaign lead generation

While some agencies use a commission-based fee structure, they fail to offer pre-campaign marketing, which is the absolute most important part of your project's success. I use my skills to get your campaign funded within 24 hours and build from there. 

Full service pick-and-choose options

I've built a team of freelancers and trusted agencies that I collaborate with for you. Web design, referral systems, campaign page design, video making, photography, product design and sourcing, and PR are some of the services that are available to you for an additional upfront fee, and you only pay for what you need. 


Brandon was the best person we worked with on our project. We were in contact daily, and always knew what he was doing and why.
— Roy De Geest, LunaR Smartwatch


Let's get in touch

Use the form below to see if you qualify for my services. I will review your campaign and product, and reach out to your within 48 hours to talk about how I may be able to help. 

Even if we don't work together on the project, I will give you actionable advice and tips moving forward to help you be successful. 

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Please include information about your product, or a link to where I can find out more. Include information about your goals, timing, and advertising budget.